Choosing the right size custom home.

Custom Home Tips:
Choosing the Right Size Home for You
House hunting should be an exciting time where you tour different homes and examine different floor plans to find the one that will best suit your lifestyle and budget. However, if you dive into the process with little preparation, you may find yourself in a whirlwind of too big, too small, not enough rooms, or just not your fit. Set yourself up for success by asking just a few questions about your current and future custom home needs.
How Much is your Budget? Is the home you’re seeking a second home in Vancouver WA where you will reside part-time? Are you looking for a retirement home where you will live full-time? Are you selling your current home before moving into your new home? Each one of these questions will affect your current financial situation and help properly establish a budget to allow you a guideline for finding homes within the parameters in which you are comfortable. When establishing a price range, you should also take into consideration the additional fees that may be associated with the new home. You will also want to decide whether you will be paying cash or financing. Often times meeting with a lender to discuss options before establishing a budget is important. Both options will require some discussion and preparation to make the best decision for you and your family, as does establishing how far you are willing to tweak the price range to incorporate everything you want in a home.

What features do you like in your current home?
Determining whether you are happy in your current home will aid in discovering the things you like or dislike about the size of a home. Is your current home too big, too small, or just right? Are there rooms in your current home that you do not utilize and don’t plan on utilizing? Are there rooms in your home that you cannot live without? Consider the rooms you keep for when family visits or rooms that you need to host dinner parties or entertain guests. What do you need in outdoor spaces or do you have a location with a view?
Speaking of outdoor spaces, these questions should also extend to the outdoor spaces of your home. Is your backyard too big or your front yard too small? Before deciding on a home, you should think about how important outdoor living is to your Pacific Northwest lifestyle and what features you most like to utilize when you’re lounging outside. If you spend a significant amount of time outside, you’ll love a home with a spacious outdoor space or even a courtyard.. Assessing the spaces you use and don’t use in your current home will provide a list of the must-have spaces for your new home.

Will Your Needs be Changing in the Future
When building a custom home in Vancouver WA, you will always want to consider what changes may be heading your way. Do you plan on having any/more children that will require you to add rooms to your floor plan? Will you be retiring and discovering a new hobby that will require additional space, such as a craft room? Maybe you’ll bide your time buying classic cars for which you’ll need extra garage space. Maybe you’ll decide to work from home and will be in need of a home office. You may even realize that certain areas of the home will be unnecessary in the near future and you can save money by eliminating them now. Try to plan for the future to avoid overspending now or setting yourself up to spend more if you decide this home is too small. Many of our homes feature ADA options including larger doors, roll in showers etc.
When choosing a floorplan remember with Copper Creek Homes we can always customize options to meet your needs visit or call us today! 360-216-6382

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