Custom Homes one-of-a-kind upscale creation by Copper Creek Homes

It’s spring 2016 and with New Home building in full production it is exciting to see some new creations on the horizon. Each Copper Creek Homes stand out from the crowd. They are one-of-a-kind, upscale creations that come with luxury upgrades and unique architectural design.In addition to flexibility in home design and architecture, our buyers typically choose their ideal location and environment. As a result, custom home design often incorporates elements of the local landscape, whether that is a view of the Columbia river, Mt Hood, the Washougal River, or the distinct colors and plants of a specific landscape.

Differences between Copper Creek Custom Homes & Production Homes

While production builders build communities by restricting design to a group of preselected home types on lots they have picked and purchased themselves. Copper Creek Homes tends to build on land owned by the customer and start fresh with each design. We allow minor changes during construction such as larger windows or even movement of interior walls to obtain the best views.
Production builders typically construct a large number of homes throughout the year; these may offer a variety of options, but production builders generally do not use construction plans other than the ones selected by the building firm. Custom builders spend more time on each project and often work on fewer than 15 homes a year.
This 2016 Copper Creek Homes will build approximately 15 New Homes from 1 level ADA homes to daylight basement homes on the Orchard Hills Golf Course, a few 2 story custom homes and even a 7600 Multi-Generational Home in Hockinson WA on 5 Acres starting late Spring 2016.

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