Don’t Be Afraid of Smart Home Technology

The smart-home technology craze began years ago in some parts of the country, but in many other areas, it’s only just begun.

If you’re just entering this market, or have yet to do so because you think you don’t have the know-how, fear not – you don’t need to be a technology specialist.

Product developers are constantly churning out new gizmos, like the thousands that were displayed at the recent Consumer Electronics Show. But only a small number are actually embraced by the general public.

Get a feel for what you could use in your  new Copper Creek Home.

During an education session at this year’s International Builders’ Show, Greg Haupert, the executive director of Business Networking International and a home-technology integration specialist, listed several smart-home trends that have truly started to take root, including:

  • Contemporary comfort with automated thermostats, lighting and security systems that quickly learn the owner’s preferences and can be controlled and monitored from anywhere in the world.
  • High-tech appliances like refrigerators with internal cameras that allow the owner to remotely check its contents, and an automated compressor that adjusts its speed according to how much food is inside. Smart TVs – not simply those that run apps like Netflix and Hulu, but rather, TVs that are integrated to create a smart-home hub through which many, if not all of the home’s smart features can be controlled.

Team up with an expert Like Global Security located in Vancouver WA

Once you know what your needs are , but don’t feel confident enough to make the purchase and install these features contact an expert like Global Security. It’s okay to admit you don’t have all the technology answers as you begin to build your custom home with Copper Creek Homes. “Having a smart-home technology expert that you can rely on and consult with on your new Copper Creek Home will help you choose the necessary smart home and security features.

Plan ahead

Before you get past framing in your new Copper Creek Home it’s important to plan for your smart home. Custom smart-home technology is best integrated when planned for well in advance. Pre-wiring a new home can save the client thousands down the road. When you build a home with Copper Creek Homes we will meet with you once framing is completed and before we sheetrock to discuss what smart home features you want and where exactly you want everything. Partnering with Global Security Copper Creek Homes wants to discover which pieces of technology each of our clients want and how they want to use them in their home. From there, go through the floor plan room by room and ask how you might want to use the technology in each space.

Currently Copper Creek Homes offers the below features as standard and at no cost  to our clients.

3-TV RG6 and Cat 6

1 Data Phone or Internet

14″ Connection Center

Cable Plates and Inserts

Keyless Door Smartlock


All Connections to service entry

1 Door Sensor

1 Motion Sensor

1 Key Pad

1 Thermostat

1 Smart Home Module

14″ Concord Security Panel(ALL WIRING IN 1 PLACE)

3 Months FREE trial of

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